Monday, September 9, 2013

The Lists....Week 1

Working from the top...........'cos that's the way I am.  Lists for week 1

1.  Things about myself .......
  • leave things til the last minute
  • forever multi-tasking
  • rather go out with friends than almost anything else
  • like to have all the facts
2.  Things I'm good at ..............
  • driving
  • talking
  • samauri sudoku
  • opening champagne
3.  Things I would like to get done this month.....
  • remember to complete the lists
  • make the Christmas puddings
  • empty the ironing basket
  • finish my Book Group book before the night we discuss it
 4.  Things I'm listening to.......
  • ABC Melbourne radio
  • my "stay focussed" playlist on Spotify
  • The Cat Empire
  • Fat Cat complaining that dinner hasn't arrived
5.  Weekend goals........
  • pull out the rest of the old lavender bed
  • plant the daphne
  • make the boxes for my bookmarks
  • make the bed
6.  Favourite words......
  • apoplectic
  • cromulent
  • precipitation
  • chocolate
7.  Blog goals.........
  • write more regularly
  • update the look
  • comment on the things I like because no-one sees a smile
  • decide if I really want to maintain them both 
....more next week.


  1. Love these and I'm doing the same thing (posting tomorrow) and putting several lists on at once! I've been art journaling (sort of) with them. I love these. I also love that you are so good at opening champagne, my kind of gal! Sodoku, that's impressive. And Christmas puddings - are they made ahead and then spiced up with splashes of alcohol I take it? These are quite thought provoking, m'dear!

  2. I LOVE your lists. I'll have to check out that book. Your goals for the month are VERY do-able. I, too, am impressed that you are good at opening champagne. I am not. We should party together. I have only a handful of the lists done. I really, really want to/need to catch up. Maybe tomorrow....


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