Friday, May 2, 2014

It cant be this long...........

....but it is, since last I opened this blog and put pen to paper.  Except that its finger tips to keyboard, but old habits (and expressions) die hard.

Have absolutely no money left in the discretionary budget now after thinking I was so clever and replacing my leased laptop with a tablet.  That was the easy bit, and its a lovely new toy, albeit with a small screen, but what are spectacles for after all?  Barely an hour had gone by when it became clear that new little devices do not like clunky old printers....a new driver?  Forget it, a whole new GPS more like it, so back to the store and a new printer/scanner/alarm clock/oven purchased for less than the price of my old ink cartridge.  And I'm joking about the last two options...........but only just.

Settling in with my now wireless tablet, in front of the fire and wanting music in the background but ......dead amplifier.  This ancient piece of equipment is the last of a tower of technology purchased secondhand from a car dealership 30 years ago.  You'd have to ask Peter why he did that, but since he's not here to reply, I can suggest that the quirkiness of it probably appealed to him, and it would have been cheap.  Luckily no-one was videoing the song and dance it took to replace the old with the new; I merely say that I am now an expert in speaker wiring, torch juggling and squeezing myself into spaces only meant for cats.

I've missed musing here in the silence............  Note to self, remember to write instead of holding conversations with oneself.