Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last of the lists.....Week 4 (and a bit)

22.  Today I saw.....
  • magpies in the garden scratching their beaks on the rose bush
  • bees under the clothes line
  • the kitchen bench for the first time in days
  • two red Mini Minors
  • umbrellas made from green leaves
23.  Things I wish I'd learned to do....
  • ride a bicycle
  • speak another language
  • play the piano
24.  Things I collect....
  • books about the alphabet
  • flower arranging frogs
  • postcards
  • decorative eggs
25.  Things I lost and wish I could replace
  • my wedding ring
  • my first camera
  • the photos in my wallet
26.  Books on my 'to read' list
  • Judging a book by its lover by Lauren Leto
  • The wonder box by Roman Krznaric
  • Saint maybe by Anne Tyler
  • Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks
  • The Opal Desert by Di Morrissey
27.  Today I'm wearing
  • Black jeans and t shirt
  • Black sandals
  • Red jacket
  • Black and white reading glasses
  • silver jewellery
28.  Guilty pleasures
  • chocolate
  • grilled haloumi
  • reading a book from start to finish without stopping 
29.  Lists I make
  • shopping
  • UFOs
  • things to pack
  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas presents
30.  Things I'd rather be doing
  • reading
  • eating
  • exploring 
...and if you go to my other blog you'll see what I did with this list as inspiration.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The list of week 3

15.  Shopping List items (from the perpetual one)
  • milk
  • meat for the cats
  • tea (lemon and ginger)
  • double sided tape
  • black cherry yoghurt
16. Dream jobs
  • genealogy librarian
  • hot air balloonist
  • reader of new books
  • wild life photographer
17. Songs that evoke memories
  • theme from Doctor Who - the music of my childhood
  • The Blues Brothers soundtrack - instant reminder of my son
  • Wonderful World - instant reminder of my husband
  • South Pacific soundtrack - instantly transports me to my parent's living room and everyone singing along
  • .......too many to list - its a list in itself!!
18. Things that make it Thanksgiving.....hmmm....we dont celebrate it in Australia, so a quintessential Day here is Melbourne Cup Day (which is NOTHING like Thanksgiving at all).....
  • sunshine
  • champagne
  • wonderful clothes
  • beautiful horses
  • roses
19. Recipes I want to try
  • overnight jam made with berries and chia seeds
  • individual chocolate puddings
  • Jamie Oliver's korma curry
  • something that uses verjuice
  • calamari
20. Places I'd love to visit (oh this is a list like music....and in no particular order)
  • Pompeii
  • Egypt
  • everywhere in Italy
  • everywhere in Turkey
  • Canada
  • Uluru
  • Bungle Bungle Ranges
  • Bungle Bungles
  • ........have to stop somewhere!
21. Things to do this Spring (because on this side of the world its not Autumn)
  • replace the lavender hedge
  • make the last 2 mosaic posts
  • make space for family coming to stay
  • go on holiday!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Lists.....Week 2

And now we're into the second week, and the list topics are even more interesting.

8.  In my bag.....
  • hand cream, nail file, lipstick, brush & comb
  • phone
  • money
  • notebook & pen
  • a collection of stickers
  • a handful of business cards from the market last weekend
9.  Favourite websites......(apart from my creative friends)
10.  On my wishlist...........
  • travel to Italy
  • keep bees
  • have a garden full of birds and butterflies
11.  My TO-DO list today.......
  • put resources on a USB for my student teacher
  • eat a healthy lunch
  • ring my cousin to make some plans for Christmas Day
12.  Daily Rituals
  • get up an hour later (its a non-teaching day)
  • make the bed before having a shower
  • check emails
  • complete the daily sudoku before the tea gets cold
  • water the pots on the front porch
13. DIYs I want to try
  • tile around the new bench
  • a log cabin quilt (which might just turn out to be a pin cushion instead)
14. Things I love about life
  • surprises lurk in unexpected places
  • every day is a new one
  • there's always a to-do list for tomorrow
  • it includes friends and food

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Lists....Week 1

Working from the top...........'cos that's the way I am.  Lists for week 1

1.  Things about myself .......
  • leave things til the last minute
  • forever multi-tasking
  • rather go out with friends than almost anything else
  • like to have all the facts
2.  Things I'm good at ..............
  • driving
  • talking
  • samauri sudoku
  • opening champagne
3.  Things I would like to get done this month.....
  • remember to complete the lists
  • make the Christmas puddings
  • empty the ironing basket
  • finish my Book Group book before the night we discuss it
 4.  Things I'm listening to.......
  • ABC Melbourne radio
  • my "stay focussed" playlist on Spotify
  • The Cat Empire
  • Fat Cat complaining that dinner hasn't arrived
5.  Weekend goals........
  • pull out the rest of the old lavender bed
  • plant the daphne
  • make the boxes for my bookmarks
  • make the bed
6.  Favourite words......
  • apoplectic
  • cromulent
  • precipitation
  • chocolate
7.  Blog goals.........
  • write more regularly
  • update the look
  • comment on the things I like because no-one sees a smile
  • decide if I really want to maintain them both 
....more next week.