Sunday, June 16, 2013

Favourite things

Rosemary, this is for you.  This is the Richmond Birdwing butterfly.  I fell in love with it a million years ago when I belonged to a Science Club and we raised money to save its habitat.  We sold t shirts and I've still got mine, with a very faded print on the front (and a hole where I caught it on something in the garden).  

Here's another picture, this time a REAL one.......


  1. Oh my goodness, he is GORGEOUS! I love the richness of the coloring. You have some of the most beautiful flora and fauna, okay, and some of the most deadly snakes but I guess it's a tradeoff?

    1. ....and his wingspan is big too - but he lives in the tropics which is the other end of the country from me. Our butterflies are far more ordinary, and snakes are so rare as to be non-existent here. Possums are a different story, and big hairy wolf spiders that people tell me are harmless, but I dont stay round long enough to find out!!


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