Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday 13s

Today is so wet underfoot that most of my day has been spent inside, or dashing between raindrops to get under cover (when I did venture out to replenish the pantry shelves).  So its inside, heater on, draught stopper against the door, papers spread out on the table........

Thirteen things I have read today are.........

1.  The Age, dated Tuesday 11th June, because I forgot it was in the bottom of my basket
2.  a business card to check whether a missed call was the person I thought it might have been
3.  a recipe book to check ingredients for biscuits I'm making for a friend
4.  a text on my phone
5.  a letter informing me that I've been called to jury service in a week or two
6.  the blurb on the back of a book I cant remember buying
7.  The Age, dated Wednesday 12th June, because I knew it was there but I hadn't read the edition from the day before
8.  some facebook posts from my friends
9.  the list of ingredients on a package
10. my shopping list in the supermarket
11. today's edition of The Age
12. my holiday itinerary
13. a blog post which reminded me that today is Thursday

...and the day is only half way through.  But the biscuits are baked and the house smells wonderful, the rain continues to fall, and that new book beckons.


  1. Ugh, jury service. Those aren't fun to receive in the mail. It's raining here in NZ too.

  2. Love the smell of biscuits! I don't care for jury duty either.

  3. It's amazing how much of our day involves reading, isn't it? Aside from blog posts and comments, the thing I've read most today is my Prairie Plants book, trying to identify some unknown flowers seen on some of my walks. Arboretum Walk

  4. I like the notion of dashing between raindrops, but I hope tomorrow is sunny for you.

  5. It's supposed to rain here later...may really storm. I'm hoping it won't. Enjoyed your list! Great idea.


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