Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paris in July - 6

I have a secondhand bookshop that is my first call every Saturday morning.  This week I was idly browsing while the rest of the family bought and sold, and I found a gem to add to the cat book collection AND share for this challenge.  Look for more information about "Paris in July" here.

ZAT CAT ! by Chelsey McLaren  Its a tail (!) of a cat who falls on his feet, as all cats do, and creates havoc at 'Le "wild & glamorous" de Paree! C'est l'ouvre Spectaculaire du Grand Couturier Monsieur Pierre.I'd love to be able to reproduce more of the text but permission from the publisher might take too long for this challenge.  The font is handlettered by the author, and the illustrations - whimsical pen and pencil sketches, deceptively simple and stylised - are a delight.  If you ever smiled at the amount of information conveyed by a few lines in a Ronald Searle sketch for a St Trinians story, you'll love these.  I especially like the translations of occasional french phrases... they appear like footnotes at the bottom of each page, accompanied by a little sketch of the Eiffel Tower.  Not that you'd need them because the simplicity of the text makes it very clear what is meant, even if you dont have a word of french at all.

Published in 2003 by Scholastic Press, a division of Scholastic Inc.  NY

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