Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paris in July - 7 "Cat's Tongues"

 After leaving a comment on Tamara's blog about celebrating Bastille Day at school with chocolate Langues de Chat, I thought I'd try and find out why they were such a tradition for our french mistress.  For those who didn't read my comment, Mademoiselle shared them with us every year, but I dont remember ever being told why anyone would want to make a cats tongue from chocolate........  definitely weird.

Haven't found anything yet, but along the way I discovered that the Japanese make them (here's the link) and so do the Germans (as you can see here), but the only french cats tongues I have found to date are biscuits.  And while searching, as you do, I came across this blog which might be fun to read too.....combining a few of my favourite things in one place.

So maybe this tradition that I thought I had discovered at school was in fact my french teacher's own little chocolate obsession, disguised as a teaching tool.

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