Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cats on the shelves #1

I can't resist a book about cats, so long as it resists the temptation to be too cute, and has something interesting to say as well.  After a trip to visit friends lucky enough to spend part of every year on the beautiful island of Naxos, and after finding cats here and there on the island......... this book was hard to pass.  So many of the photographs included slender black cats, just like one of mine, so I chose one of my favourites to share.

"The Mediterranean Cat" by Hans Silvester, translated in 1996 and published that year by Chronicle Books.

One day I went shopping on Naxos to buy the cotton blanket.  The shop was narrow and filled with linen for every occasion.  The owner spoke very little English so my friend translated for me and we went upstairs to look on the many shelves.  Success!  Its light, cool, soft to touch, and reminds me of my holiday with some of my dearest friends. to hunt for the photographs of Naxos felines...

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