Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paris in July - Memories 5

The Arc de Triomphe, designed by Jean Chalgrin,  commemorates Napoleon's victories and was erected in the Place Charles de Gaulle, taking several years to finish.  It is 167 feet (49m) tall and 147 feet (45m) wide.

I'm including two pictures I took of the Arc because when I was choosing between them I remembered a conversation we had at the time about "holiday snaps".... I was torn between wanting to simply record places I had visited but also record our family trip to Europe, although at the time I was convinced it would be only the first of many (wrong!!).  I imagined a sort of coffee table book full of pictures we had taken - a catalogue of sights.  Just as well as I came to my senses pretty quickly and included us in the pictures too. I was trying to avoid the dreaded slide-night commentary  "Here we are in front of the Arc de Triomphe, and here we are walking up the street, and here's me buying a coffee but you cant really see the shop too well....." etc etc

So here are two happy fellows, posing for the photographer to prove they were there!  Peter's terrible old waxy coat survived many more years and I think still lives in the bottom of the "in-case-we-get-a-flat-tyre" box in the boot of the car.  Simon's woolly suit was the best thing we bought (from Tesco for a song) and kept him snug in every country.  Its in a suitcase in the top of my wardrobe!


  1. Oh, what a CUTE picture!! You are fueling my desire to plunk down the cost of travel and just go! :)

  2. Great photos; it's good to have the "yes, you really were there" shots. Handsome family you have!

  3. Definitely wonderful! I was glad I took lots of pix with and without people -- love my Shutterfly book and look over and over it! What a great family!

  4. I prefer the photo's with people, especially people I know... my partner on the other hand likes the architechture to feature. So I think you need both in the end. Did you ever get your coffee table book.
    I'm really enjoying the way your sharing your Paris memories.


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