Sunday, September 7, 2014

They're back............. Filling in on Fridays....

I think I like these fill-ins because they appeal to the cloze freak in me...but maybe you have be a teacher to get it....

  1. If only cats could talk then it would save so much time trying to figure out what the "Yeeeooowll" means.......this time.
  2. Poppies in a vase reminds me of my Grandpa who used to grow them.
  3. I think of chocolate when I haven't got a single piece in the house.
  4. A sense of perspective is the most special thing life has given me.                             


  1. That is so true about chocolate or anything you are craving. :)

    Perspective is a very good thing to have.

    I like poppies.

    ENJOY your week.

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    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

  2. Oh, good grief...I agree with #3! Why is that?!

  3. There are times you don't have chocolate? Sad. But at least you have perspective about it...which I would not.


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