Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time for books......

The very best way to begin my Christmas holidays was to spend a day in Carlton with my friend Lorraine who likes coffee and books too (who cares in which order??).  The worst part of the day was the grotty carpark, but apart from that it was another sublime day spent browsing in book stores and refuelling here and there.

We began at Readings which is just about my very favourite bookstore because there's every latest release, but also some titles I never see anywhere else.  I love to browse, no-one bothers you but advice is freely given if you ask.  There's music, movies, quirky ephemera around the registers, and shelves and shelves and tables and tables of lovely books.  Then across the road to Borders and lunch at the coffee shop outside the Nova ticket box.

And if I see that lady with the fabulous red shoes again, I'm going to have to ask her where she shops (and hope its somewhere vaguely local).

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