Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paris in July - Memories 2

Finally found the album from Paris and remembered immediately how it rained for most of our short time in Europe, Paris being absolutely no exception.  Our son was warmly dressed and undoubtedly the most comfortable since he was being pushed around in an umbrella stroller complete with sheepskin and all-encompassing weatherproof cover (no wonder he doesn't remember anything!!).  Of course he was only 6 months old......... I know, what were we thinking??? 

One day we walked all over the city and aimed to go up the Eiffel Tower, no matter what it cost, but we couldn't take the pram and neither of us would go without the other to share the view, so we stayed on the ground and looked up.  We also thought we would return and do it some other time, but it wasn't to be.  That's a lesson in seizing the day.

Later we walked further away and I was able to take the traditional photograph and since it was a cloudy day, maybe the view from the top would have been an anti-cllimax anyway.  This all reminds me of just how difficult some things were for us travelling with young children, not the least being my shyness combined with the need to breastfeed my son, and there seeming to be nowhere to do it outside of our room.  Apart from anything else, it was really cold, and I had so many layers on that the whole thing was just a bit unfeasible.  On the other hand of course we met all sorts of people who were charmed by our two families travelling so far from Australia, and they went out of their way to make things easy for us.  We got by with school french (me and my brother-in-law) and lots of gestures and smiles.

More pictures next time..... (and don't forget to join in)

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  1. I really enjoy the picture looking up at it, clouds and all -- more mystery to it, I think!


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