Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris in July - 8

Wanted to share the talents of my friend Liz who has not long returned from Europe.  This is her evocative and beautifully coloured photograph of a Paris morning through her hotel window.

What I love most about this challenge is reading everyone's memories and reviews and recipes.  Plus it made me notice french things everywhere, from my placemats in the kitchen and the perpetual calendar on the wall, to the food and furnishings in my local shops. 

What shall we do once July is over?


  1. Gorgeous photograph! I agree--what will we do when July is over?

  2. This image conjours up alsorts of memories, emotions and hopes for much more of Paris.... It's just gorgeous. Thanks to your friend for capturing it. I have memories of paying big bickies for a nice room like this after my darling made me ride 100+kims across french countryside in rain looking for a town with a hotel. When we got to the nearest place, everything was booked out except the dearest. Desperate for a bath I took it, and had a lovely and memorable evening recovering. I'd like to relive that day (now fitter and better prepared) but also for the feeling of sinking into that bed with that window.


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